Hot Dog Information Page

Hot Dog Roller Grills provide the visual impulse that SELLS!

Load with 30 hotdogs and 32 buns - wait 15 minutes and SELL

Electrical Requirements:  120Volt, 10Amp, 1150watt service.  Long extension cords are NOT recommended.  Dimensions are 13" high X 24" wide X 20" deep.  Models available may differ slightly from the pictured machine.
- Don't forget the buns, hotdogs, trays and condiments - all available at Tri-State Theatre!

Available Hot Dog Products

All Beef hotdogs, 40 hotdogs (1/4 lb. hotdogs) $28.79
All Beef hotdogs, 100 hotdogs (1/5 lb. hotdogs) $83.94
All Beef hotdogs, 60 hotdogs (1/6 lb. hotdogs) $28.79
Gourmet Buns (96 Count) $28.80
Mustard, Portion Control Packets (500 Count) $15.18
Ketchup, Portion Control Packets (1000 Count) $35.38
Relish, Portion Control Packets (200 Count) $14.65
** All kinds of hotdog trays, wraps, and bags!!!! Call!