Neutaper 35MM Splicer

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Neutaper Splicer Parts

Some Parts Still Available

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Neumade # Description   Price
NT-6B Tape Cutter Blades   $7.40
NT-7B Blade Pressure Plates   $4.95
NT-8 Blade Positioning Screw   $6.80
NT-1B Rear Blade Holder   $32.00
NT-2B Front Blade Holder   $32.00
NT-2C Blade Holder & Screw Washer   $0.70
NT-35PD 35mm Perf Punch & Die Set   $298.00
NT-35PC Punch Mounting Screws   $0.80
NT-35DC Die Mounting Screw & Washer   $0.70
NT-9B Film Cutter Assembly(35ss &35ds)   $104.00
NT-9C Film Cutter Mounting Screw & Spacer   $0.95
NT-16B Tape Holder Bracket   $49.80
NT-12B Tape Holder Roller   $26.80
NT-12-C Tape Holder Retainer Assembly   $18.50
NT-12C Tape Holder Mounting Screw   $0.55
NT-3B Perforator Punch Base   $106.00
NT-38L LH Guide Post w/Bolt & washer   $34.80
NT-38R RH Guide Post w/ bolt & washer   $34.80
NT-4 Guide Post Spring   $11.50
NT-22B Upper Jaw   $159.00
NT-11C Handle Stop Screw & Nut   $0.65
NT-21B Stripper Plate   $43.00
NT-21C Stripper Plate Screw & Spacer   $0.75
NT-11 Handle   $94.00
NT-4H Handle Pivot Pin & Set Screw   $10.80
NT-22H Upper Jaw Pivot Pin & Set Screw   $13.20
NT-221 Upper Jaw Pivot Arbor Bolt Spacer & Nut   $52.00
NT-225 Upper Jaw Spring   $7.20
NT-224 Upper Jaw Spacer   $15.00
NT-18B Base Clean Out Plate   $19.80
NT-18C Plate Mounting Screw   $0.55
NT-13B Rear Tape Guide   $13.00
NT-13C Rear Tape Guide Screw   $0.55
NT-15B Front Tape Guide   $14.00
NT-15C Front Tape Guide Screw   $0.55
NT-17B Rubber Feet (set of 4)   $4.80
NT-28B Complete Second Tape Holder add-on Kit   $74.80
  Cinesplicer Handle w/Neumade adaptor Kit   $80.00


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